NDCC offers a number of ministry opportunities to enrich your life. We encourage believers to become involved and operate in an area of ministry that best suits your gifts, talents and abilities. True fulfillment comes from true involvement! Become a Kingdom worker and get involved today.

Partner With Us

We encourage you to partner with our ministry. With your support we can continue to reach the masses for Jesus Christ and impact the lives of those we encounter in a greater way. Your seed is valued and you will be blessed above measure as you sow into this good ground.


(Mature, Anointed, Destined, Exceptional, Male Examples of New Direction)
New Direction has a passion to be a ministry that is filled with a strong representation of men that effectively function in their God ordained roles as husbands, fathers, leaders, priests, role models, mentors and ultimately kingdom builders. The M.A.D.E.M.E.N. ministry seeks to sow into the lives of all men and promote the development of the qualities of a God fearing man. The objective of this ministry is to arm men with the practical and biblical principles needed to become conquerors in areas of concern that are universal to men. It is when males can operate in the dominion that God created them to have that they become M.A.D.E.M.E.N.

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Women By Design

“Then the Lord God Made a Woman…” Genesis 2:22
Woman by Design is the women’s ministry of NDCC created to empower women of all ages to see themselves as God sees them, His very good creation. (Gen 1:31) Through monthly fellowships, empowerment sessions, worship services and conferences, this ministry blesses masses of women and men alike both near and far. Dealing specifically with issues pertinent to women, Women by Design is dedicated to relay relevant information and biblical values that will cause victorious living.

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L.I.V.E. & Direct

LIVE & Direct (Living in Victory Exclusively)  
Faced with daily opposition that seeks to keep our youth in captivity and defeat, the College ministry of NDCC declares they are Living In Victory Exclusively! This electrifying group young people empowers individuals to operate a victorious life that isDirected Toward Destiny.” This ministry makes a direct impact through fellowships, bible studies, concerts and conferences and is relentless in its pursuit to glorify God with their lives.

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Rated PG

(Perfected Gentlemen)
Our commitment to men starts with our youth. The Rated PG program endeavors to impart into young boys the positive traits, ideals, and characteristics desired of a godly young man. This program helps young boys to cultivate a love for God without compromising their youth. Through innovative and interactive settings, Rated PG instills the importance of responsibility, respect, and reaching potential. The objective of this ministry is to equip young boys with the spiritual, professional and social etiquette to become Perfected Gentlemen.    

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Little Darlings

(Daughters Anointed for Righteous Living (with) integrity, nobility, godliness, and sanctity)
This annex of the children’s ministry focuses on assisting little ladies in transforming into young women. Little Darlings promotes the demonstration of the qualities listed in its name in addition to other qualities that will produce a young woman of excellence and moral integrity.

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Compass for Life Foundation

Compass For Life
Compass for Life is our outreach affiliate to minister to the greater Augusta area. This component endeavors to educate, empower and edify the surrounding communities through areas of need including but not limited to: educational assistance for adults and children; Clothes closet; food pantry; resume writing; interviewing techniques; fitness; health fairs/seminars; financial management; senior citizen / nursing home ministries; life skills courses and life coaching sessions. We intend to promote the power of proper planning to ensure success. Our message is simple - no matter what state an individual may find themselves, they can “Chart a course to a better life!”

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Directed Praise

The praise and worship ensemble of NDCC is responsible for ushering Presence of God into our services. With a unique blend of all forms of sacred music, this team promotes powerful thematic worship that can set the atmosphere for healing, deliverance, praise as well as worship. Those who are a part of this ensemble demonstrate gifting, talent and ability, in addition to the spiritually mature, holy and consecrated lifestyle needed for this ministry to be effective. When praise is pure and given to God, it is truly Directed Praise!

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